The Buell Family


William Buel House (now demolished)


From the hour when the first rude shanty was built upon the site of Brockville, down to the present time, the descendants have been intimately associated with the control of public affairs, not only in the town, but also throughout the county.

William Buell, Sr., English descent, son of Timothy Buell and his wife, Mercy Peters, was born at Hebron, in the then English Colony of Connecticut, October 5, 1751.

When the war broke out, Mr. Buell remained loyal to the British Crown and made his way through the wilderness to Montreal where he received an ensign's Commission in the "King's Rangers", subsequently becoming a lieutenant.

On March 10th, 1782 he was married at St. Johns, Lower Canada, to Martha Norton whose father was a UE Loyalist who had gone to Canada from Farmington, Connecticut. 

William and Martha had 9 children.  Of these children, William Buell, the younger, represented the County of Leeds in the Parliament of Upper Canada for several years.  For 25 years, he was publisher and proprietor of the Brockville Recorder.

After the end of the Revolutionary War, Mr. Buell, Sr., retired from military service.  In 1785 he and his wife moved to Upper Canada, settling on the present site of the town of Brockville, then a wilderness.  His was the first house erected.  He donated the land to the counties upon which the Court House was built and also the sites for the Presbyterian, Baptist, First Methodist and Roman Catholic churches.

On December 7th, 1823, his wife died in her 61st year.  He married Mrs. Margaret Bernard 4 years later.  They had one daughter who married Robert Findlay.

Mr. Buell was upright, honest, generous, liberal in his politics, highly respected and very kind to the poor.  He died August 8th, 1832 in his 81st year.  Both his and his wife's remains lie in the Brockville Cemetery, west of the town, where a monument has been erected by his second son, Andrew Norton Buell, Esq. 


History of Leeds and Grenville, T. Leavitt




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